Mujeres Sin Filtro by Fuckup Nights

Mujeres Sin Filtro is the new Fuckup Nights project, created with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab), to provide a safe space where women can share the challenges they face today.

Our goal is to open the door to real conversations to connect from vulnerability, and provide tools to overcome the paradigms around failure through events, workshops, conferences and continuing education through a digital platform.

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MSF at work

Do you think your company's organizational culture needs to improve with respect to diversity and inclusion policies?

From our experience eradicating the stigma around failure and how it affects women, we can support you with solutions for your organization to provide safe spaces for everyone.

About us

Why do we do it?

Failure Management

The gender gap is real and is one of the barriers we face when we talk about equity, since we still do not have equal opportunities. These factors mean that the idea of failure has a social context with particular nuances for women.


Developing the ability to mold existing elements to create new opportunities is a skill we seek to develop in women who seek to live without a filter.

A culture of learning

Today's world demands that we are constantly re-learning concepts in order to live in a more equitable and inclusive society, so constant learning is the pillar to change our collective paradigms.


Yes, the world can be unfair and dark many times, but being critical and finding those areas of opportunity to have a more equitable society is the fuel we need to rise up in the midst of the chaos and create new ways.


In a world where women have grown up with violent social beliefs, it is vital to rethink the culture to address the variables that foster inequality in order to take action and provide safe spaces.