Private events

We believe that sharing our most difficult stories is a source of strength and can uncover new life lessons. The simple act of sharing offers us the opportunity to experience a sense of relief and learn something from speaking frankly about our failures.

Our goal is to support you on this journey so that you can experience firsthand the benefits of talking about failure.


We prepare a unique experience tailored to your organization's diverse failure stories that are relatable and inspiring. Our comprehensive approach includes guidance for impactful storytelling, event management and effective moderation.

What’s included? 

  • A dedicated event coordinator with experience in creating meaningful narratives and experiences.
  • An exclusive storytelling masterclass for each speaker led by one of our global curators.
  • An experienced Fuckup Nights moderator with experience in public speaking and hosting corporate events.
  • Customizable and carefully crafted communication materials aligned with our global brand guidelines, ideal for both internal and external communication and promotion of the event.
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Our workshops are designed to cultivate an innovative, growth-oriented mindset while fostering resilience and creativity in your team.



‍Entera safe and exploratory space where you will be encouraged to explore the different facets and perspectives of failure. We facilitate frank discussions, sharing stories steeped in vulnerability and transparency. Together, we will discover practical, everyday solutions for your team and help you build a culture of collaboration and innovation.

What’s included? 

  • A specialized coordinator dedicated to making a real impact at your event.
  • Exclusive materials carefully elaborated and aligned with our global brand guidelines, ideal for both internal and external communication and promotion of the workshop.
  • An experienced Fuckup Nights moderator specializing in corporate environments.
  • Theoretical and practical content, along with dynamic audience participation adapted to the theme of the workshop.
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Transform your organizational culture with our dynamic asynchronous training: Discover a wide range of online learning content in engaging formats such as videos, articles and podcasts.

Our online courses break down complex concepts into small, practical ideas. They will provide you with practical tools to meet the daily challenges of your workplace.

What’s included? 

  • A complete content plan designed for effective learning and immediate application, segmented by specific and relevant topics.
  • Optional accommodation services for trouble-free course delivery.
  • Content developed with a strong emphasis on promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion.



The Failure Survey is your indispensable resource for discovering and assessing how failure is perceived in your teams. Our survey is meticulously crafted, based on extensive research, to provide you with valuable insights into areas for improvement and growth in your organization.


The Failure Survey is the only organizational diagnostic that helps teams assess their relationship with failure to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth in their work culture.

What’s included? 

  • A carefully designed set of questions to learn about your team's relationship to failure.
  • A comprehensive report summarizing the survey responses.
  • Practical information with personalized recommendations based on the survey results.


UNDERSTANDING THE fear of failure

Understand the fear of failure:One of the main reasons for our fear of making mistakes is the connection to negative outcomes. Most of the time, the consequences involve blaming and pointing fingers rather than offering constructive feedback.

These attitudes set in motion a discouraging cycle of anxiety that ultimately influences our actions from fear.

Innovation: The other side failure

The ability to transform mistakes into valuable learning experiences is a crucial skill that permeates an organization and its workforce.

This is especially important for decision makers, as they have the ability to channel these experiences into innovative outcomes.

EFFECTIVE communication and CRUCIAL conversations

Communication plays a critical role in the learning process, and poor communication is often the most common cause of business failure.

Initiating difficult conversations, when done at the right time and conducted with clear objectives and respect for those involved, fosters attentive listening and actionable results.

These conversations have the ability to transform the fear of failure into an opportunity for growth and resilience.

ENCOURAGING psychological safety and embracing vulnerability

At Fuckup Nights, we host experiences that cultivate psychological safety. Here, vulnerability paves the way for authentic and meaningful conversations that nurture a growth mindset and detonate innovation.

Let's transform our perception of failure and use it as a catalyst for growth.