Private events

We share difficult stories that make us stronger. And The Failure Program helps you along the way.
We plan the event based on different failure stories shared by your company's employees. We accompany you in the process by giving tips on impactful storytelling, managing, and moderating the event.

What’s included? 

  • An assigned event coordinator specialized in curating meaningful stories and experiences.
  • A complete storytelling masterclass for each speaker  with one of our global curators.‍
  • A Fuckup Nights moderator specialized in public speaking and hosting corporate events.
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Our workshops help build a mindset of growth and innovation to foster a resilient culture within your team.
Our workshops open a safe space where you are allow to explore different stages and perspectives of failure, sharing stories from vulnerability and transparency, so we can find daily basis solutions for our teams and most importantly generating empathy with our colleagues.

What’s included? 

  • An assigned specialist coordinator helping to generate authentic impact in the event.
  • Exclusive materials designed and aligned with our global brand guidelines, for internal and external communication and promotion.
  • Two specialized moderators from Fuckup Nights for companies.
  • Theoretical actionable content of Failure management and a dynamic for the audience according to the topic.
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Formación en cultura organizacional con lecciones asíncronas: Nuestro contenido de aprendizaje en línea está disponible en diferentes formatos (videos, artículos y podcasts).
El contenido de aprendizaje en línea dividido en pequeños módulos proporciona aprendizajes útiles y herramientas prácticas para afrontar los retos diarios en el lugar de trabajo.

What’s included? 

  • A learning and action-oriented content plan, divided by specific and relevant topics.
  • Hosting services in case you need them for the courses.
  • Content created with a focus on gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.


The Failure Survey

The Failure Survey is a practical tool to help diagnose and assess the perception of failure within teams. The survey contains a set of thoughtfully designed research-based questions to help you identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

The Failure Survey helps individuals understand their relationship and perception of failure and create awareness about it.

What’s included? 

  • A unique link to the survey with questions for your team.
  • A report with a summary of the answers‍.
  • A customized program tailored to the specific needs of your organization and team(s), with customized recommendations based on the survey results.

why we do it?

Fear of failure

The main reason we fear making mistakes is the association this has with negative consequences, from pointing fingers and finding who's "guilty" to simply stating that something's wrong without adding any constructive feedback. This can lead us through a cycle of anxiety and make us act out of fear.
These attitudes could make us spiral into an anxiety cycle that could make us act from a place of fear.

Innovation: The other side failure

The ability to use mistakes as an opportunity for learning is an essential skill that will be reflected throughout the organization and its employees.
This is particularly impactful for people that hold decision-making responsibilities and will be able to harness these experiences into innovative results.

Communication and difficult conversations

Communication is vital for learning. Bad communication is one of the most common causes of failure in business.
Having an awkward conversation at the right time, with clarity in our goals and respect for the people sitting across from us, will help us listen and take action. It will also contribute to turning fear of failure into an opportunity and try again.

Psychological safety and vulnerability

The experiences we create at Fuckup Nights build spaces of psychological safety, where vulnerability leads to more profound, real, and impactful conversations that foster a growth mindset and trigger innovation.

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