What does it mean to be a Fuckupper?

A Fuckupper is a local Fuckup Nights representative who is responsible for organizing events, growing the community and sharing failure in their city. They are part of a global movement working to free people from negative perceptions of failure.


Organizing FUN Oradea is liberating

"My name is Violeta and I am the organizer of Fuckup Nights Oradea in Romania ✌️. I joined the FUN family in December 2018 with events organized since February 2019. It seems like a long time since then, but then I realize that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Now, after 6 offline editions before March 2020 and 3 national online editions with my peers from all over the country during the pandemic, I can say that for me organizing Fuckup Nights Oradea is liberating and a lot of fun 🤩 Speakers enjoy their talks and participants enjoy the show.
Violeta Muresan
Fuckup Nights Oradea

Memorable stories and lessons

"Fuckup Nights masterfully combines people with a framework for discussing failure that inevitably produces extraordinary nights filled with memorable stories and lessons learned. The motto 'Failure sucks, but it teaches' is something we take to heart at Fuckup Nights, and we strive to make sure everyone goes home a little smarter and ready for tomorrow."
Zack Leitz
Fuckup Nights Denver, USA

Be brave and show your vulnerability

From events in real settings to online events and back to physical events. I started my FUN journey in 2018 as a guest of Fuckup Nights Alborg in Denmark. I've always been an extrovert and wanted to get on that stage. So I decided to look for a local alternative here in Hamburg - Germany. No events planned, no person to contact, so I'll do it! I started the Hamburg chapter of Fuckup Nights in Hamburg in 2019 and our first event sold out in 3 days. That showed me, "Damn Robert, there is a need for this kind of events!"
Fuckup Nights Hamburg, Germany

FUN is an incomparable event

FUN is an unparalleled event to bring to your city. People from the audience coming up to you after an event to personally thank you for making it happen is something I haven't experienced in over 10 years of event management. FuckupNights is about authenticity, talking about feelings and showing them openly. This is where the movement happens.
Sarah Kiefer
Fuckup Nights Lörrach

FUN Zadar has been a success

Fuckup Nights in Zadar has been really successful and managed to bring together different groups of people on different occasions, but with a common goal. That goal was to share stories that could show how failure is nothing to be ashamed of and encourage others to dive into the process of doing so, without fear of the barriers that might appear along the way. In the Zadar community, stepping out of the box is not a common thing, so the Fuckup Nights initiative had an even greater impact with this in mind.
Josip Zurak
Fuckup Nights Zadar

It has allowed me to meet fantastic people

"Being a Fuckupper has allowed me not only to meet fantastic people talking about their mistakes, but to deconstruct in me the paradigm of failure, because at the end of the day to promote this movement you have to believe it, it's a process, a continuous cycle that insists on taking you out of orbit, while the system asks you to come back. Breaking with that status quo that limits you is transformative and liberating".
Xiomara Zambrana
Fuckup Nights La Paz

Mistakes are always worth sharing

"I helped organize Fuck Up Nights in Valais, Switzerland, for the past year. What I have the most fun is introducing people to them. First they are surprised by the language and then intrigued by the concept. Fuck Up Nights is fun to put in their place! Meeting people from diverse backgrounds with a common desire to share their stories is part of the process and is very inspiring. It's always worth sharing mistakes big or small, if not to relate, to help people see what's beyond the dark side. We really enjoy every minute of it and continue to learn from our last minute mistakes 😊"
Fuckup Nights Canton of Valais.

FUN is a school of life

"At every FuckUp Nights we never cease to be surprised by the lessons learned by the participants! Sometimes with laughter, sometimes with tears, for each Fuckupper it is an opportunity to reflect on their own mistakes, failures or falls and for each of the attendees an opportunity to learn from them. Fuckup Nights Caracas are a school of life for all people and particularly for those of us who are dedicated to entrepreneurship!"
Claudia Valladares
Fuckup Nights Caracas, Venezuela

Fuckup nights has been a catapult

"Fuck up nights has been a catapult for us into our market. Our first event was a huge success and we didn't go out of our way to sell out. People had fun, our guests felt very comfortable and it was a night that marked a presence for us as a brand. It's certainly a powerful tool for those looking to market and position themselves."
Alejandra Gamboa
Fuckup Nights Aguascalientes, Mexico

Get the license to be the Fuckupper in your city!

$480 USD/year*.

*Payment options available


Please be sure to read the frequently asked questions before completing the application:

What is a Fuckupper?

Sharing failure at Fuckup Nights is possible thanks to the global family of Fuckuppers. The fuckupper is the person responsible for the organization of the events in each city.

How committed do I have to be?

We ask each Fuckupper to commit to at least one year and 4 events per year (one per quarter). If you want to organize more, we are happy for you to create an active community!

Who can be a Fuckupper?

Any individual or team of individuals who are personally motivated to have a positive impact on people. Leading a community that works under the motive of breaking the stigma of failure in the local community.

What type of event can I organize with this membership?

Events must be stand-alone (cannot be organized as part of another event, conference, festival, etc.) and open to the public.

How can I become a Fuckupper?

To become a Fuckupper, the first thing you need is to become part of our global community and to become a member there is an application process. You are already on the right track.

Can my company/agency/co-working be a Fuckupper?

At Fuckup Nights we only grant memberships to individuals, but don't worry, your company can be part of it by supporting you with a space or sponsorship.

Can I monetize Fuckup Nights events?

Yes you can, although this should not be your main motivation. You can sell tickets, merchandise and seek sponsorships to cover your costs and compensate for your efforts. We ask that you keep prices affordable.

Fuckup Nights is about inclusion, not exclusivity.

There is already a Fuckup Nights chapter in my city, can I become a Fuckupper too?

We offer exclusivity by city. In case you are very interested please send us an email to hola@fuckupnights.com with your complete information and we will put you in contact with the Fuckupper of the city.

What does it include?

1. International trademark license.
2. Support and training of global coordinators.
The Fuckuppers' Handbook: a step-by-step guide to organizing a successful chapter.
4. Speaker's manual: a guide for speakers on how to share their failures on stage.
5. Marketing material: design templates and tutorials (website, Facebook page, event platform, etc.).
6. Local exclusivity, there can only be one Fuckup Nights team per city.
7. Be part of the global community.

Ok I understood everything, where do I sign?

The next step is to complete the application process. We will review it and contact you within 48 hours.

If the application process is "successful", we will invite you to a video call, this is an informal interview (Fuckup Nights style), where we will get to know each other a bit before making a decision about moving forward.

Best of luck!

I am ready to apply