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October 12, 2023

FuckupNight®Munich Vol. 7

Oct 12, 2023

6:00 pm


9:00 pm

#ShareTheFailure - Wir verändern den Blick aufs Scheitern.

WupWupWup, we reactivate our Turbo-Modus again and just add all the "drivers" of our all of our speakers into the system, so that everything is ready to go by for Donnerstag, on 12.10., in WERK1

Who are we?

🔥 The F_ckvpNights® are a global movement, where people can find and share their dreams and dreams. Stories about wasted money, personal decisions that have led to a total failure, products that have to be repaired, insolvencies, projects that have been decided etc.!

🔥 Die Idee stammt aus Mexiko, wo fünf Freunde feststellten, dass es es erst einen sehr feucht-fröhlichen Abend braucht, um statt sich gegenseitig über berufliche Erufliche Erfolge zu beweihräuchern, auch mal die Hosen runter zu lassen zu lassen und die Geschichten zu erzählen, die keiner in seinen Lebenslaufnimmt aufnimmt.

🎤 We are choosing the stories that are not to be found in any life. Why? Weil die Glühbirne 💡 auch nicht am ersten Tag gebrannt hat. 


✅ Check-In 18.00 Uhr

✅ Start 18.30 Uhr

✅ Ende ca. 21.00 Uhr

Diesesmal mit am Start:

Special Guest again: JANNIK VON LERCHENFELD 🔥


Our special Guest, der fast auf on our bureau a year ago said: "I would like to wish you a peace of mind", he is back today to share his inspiring story with us. with us. He then tells us, as he sees it as a glucous failure ansah, the experience to make, the Karren in the wreck to escape. With 40 employees and a commitment of of five million euros are all in line with the plan, until December 2017 and the December 2017 and the insolvency proceedings.

He will be to know how he has changed his life, after he has openly talked about this F_ckvp has been shown. How have friends and family reacted? Inwiefern hat diese Erfahrung sein persönliches Wachstum beeinflusst und dazu beigetragen, to change the culture of our country? We are looking forward to its fascinating history and the lessons that we can learn from we can look back on.



Vom Hype zum Himmelsturz: Wie mein Restaurant die Fußballweltmeisterschaft rocken wollte und stattdessen im Steak-Desaster landete. This is a history of steaks, stars and steaks in Simones - how an old-fashioned restaurant is making its way to free communication.



Max Rose was with his startup audition in the VOX Gründershow "Die Höhle der Löwen". From the outside, he was a great success for young people! He will be represented by his own fuckups before and after the show as well as by his friend.



The long-standing desire to become a businessman is to be made clear by the Agentur Wirklichkeit after its appointment by the Agentur. With one of the most experienced experts in the field, Julian Tresowski has embarked on a
ambitious journey through the wealth and resources of the startup world
, until he has been taken out - after the company was founded by an investor with fresh money - by his partner on the road

✌️ Thanks to our event partner WERK1 and to the Print&Copy Factory Hutmann in Lindwurmstr. 155, Munich.

📢 Updates zum Event & Infos zu den kommenden FuckupNights in Munich bekommt ihr hier:

🌍 Location:

WERK1.Bayern GmbH
Am Kartoffelgarten 14
81671 München (Ostbanhof)

Noch wichtig zu wissen:

Achtung !!! Please come with public transport (S-Bahn or Ubahn Ostbahnhof), no parking spaces on site.
The location is located on the 2nd floor - just walk up!

Photo and video recordings will be made at the event.


WERK1 EVENTSPACE, Am Kartoffelgarten 14, 81671 München (Ostbanhof)



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Fuckup Nights is a global movement with a platform for international events where people get to share their personal failure stories. Every month different events happen worldwide where three to four speakers step into the spotlight in front of a room of strangers to share their screw-ups. We've heard it all, from stories of businesses that go bust, partnership deals that fall out, to products that must be recalled.

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