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July 3, 2023

Fuckup Nights Padova vol. I

Jul 3, 2023

6:45 pm


8:00 pm

Fuckup Night is coming to Padova and its first edition is already being awaited with great curiosity! Who will be the three suspects on Monday 3 July? We will find out soon, but you can secure your place by picking up your free ticket right away. The available biglietti are limited and the requests are numerous: do not aspettare! Get out of work or break from the studio and arrive at 18.20 for a visit to one of the most mysterious places in the city, the Secret Garden. It starts at 18,45. La birretta te la ofriamo noi, tu non devi fare altro che metterti comodo e goderti un'ora di spunti interessanti e curiose storie all'insegna del #ShareTheFailure: è ora di sentire parlare anche dei nostri momenti no, dei passi falsi e di tutte le volte che ci hanno fatto uno sgambetto o siamo caduti su noi stessi stessi, più o meno rovinosamente. It is time to share our successes and our professional failures. It's time to promote and share loudly the culture of error, because it is always time to make a mistake: to make a mistake or to make a new one without making mistakes like the first time. It's time for Fuckup Night Padova, something new in town. And you can't miss it! Are you asking what is a Fuckup Night? We'll tell you right away! The cultural movement Fuckup Nights was born in Mexico in 2012 and is present in more than 300 cities around the world distributed in about 90 countries; it aims to avoid the negative connotation surrounding the fuckup. 4 events per year, 3 or 4 speakers per event, 7 minutes of time and 10 images each. At the end of each intervention there is a direct confrontation with the public present at the event, with questions and answers or reflections proposed by those present. The atmosphere is informal and there is only room for a drink all together! The Fuckup Nights must be above all a moment to live in a light - but not superficial - and ironic way, and not often they are indicated with the acronym FUN. Why did we choose an underground parking lot as a location? Because the stories of failure and failure hardly find light, often they are shallow, nascent, immersed in the shame and timor, they are researched in different ways. The underground dimension becomes a symbol of failure but, thanks to the event and the many related communication activities, the stories, the messages and the associated signs will find the light and the courage to emerge.
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Fuckup Nights is a global movement with a platform for international events where people get to share their personal failure stories. Every month different events happen worldwide where three to four speakers step into the spotlight in front of a room of strangers to share their screw-ups. We've heard it all, from stories of businesses that go bust, partnership deals that fall out, to products that must be recalled.

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Fuckupper Team

Carola Dall'Oglio

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Fuori Fuoco Photographer

Sofia Nasi

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Serial handler for non-buccal cuffed saddles

Vittorio Toscani

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Cameraman without objective

Federico Delli Santi

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Renderer of underwater dreams

Marco Cucinotta

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Asociale per i social

Chiara Pellizzari

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Art Director Senza Titolo

Sofia Ferroni

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Graph with refuse

Martina Fantin

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Cartomante col malocchio

Andrea Manticò

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Fuck Director

Benedetta Cortese

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Pianificatrice di fallimenti

Kora Athanassopulo

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Spaccaovi Specialist

Gaia Dall'Oglio

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Licensee and Organizer of causes of persecution


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