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September 15, 2023

Fuckup Nights ROME // Vol 10

Sep 15, 2023

7:30 pm


8:30 pm

Fuckup Nights is the global movement, born in Messico in 2012, to analyze and challenge the failure the failure in the business with the objective of eliminating the negative negative.

The story is presented as a learning tool, through the narration of stories in first person.

These seminars are organized in 300 cities around the world and from October 2022 they will finally be held in Rome too!


There will be special guests who will tell us about their experiences, sharing their working their working failures and revealing what they have taught from their work so that others do not make the same mistakes. others do not make the same mistakes.

  • Cristina Colaninno - trainer, consultant and Ambassador of Rome Future Week
  • Eva Vittoria Cammerino - V consigliera V Municipio di Roma, co-fondatrice di Prime Minister e Ambassador di Rome Future Week
  • Emanuele Floris - musician, sound producer and technician

Vi aspettiamo venerdì 15 settembre alle ore 19:30 nel nostro spazio in via Palermo 41 (Roma) per la decima edizione di Fuckup Nights Rome, piena di lezioni da apprendere e di fallimenti da cui imparare, a partire da quelli dei nostri speaker! Don't miss it!

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Fuckup Nights is a global movement with a platform for international events where people get to share their personal failure stories. Every month different events happen worldwide where three to four speakers step into the spotlight in front of a room of strangers to share their screw-ups. We've heard it all, from stories of businesses that go bust, partnership deals that fall out, to products that must be recalled.

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